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Level up from clueless zero to the confident hero(ine) of WordPress web development


Psst – I’m beginner-friendly!

Build beautiful and brilliant WordPress websites all by yourself! Here’s my proven nine-step website-building process with step by step videos, checklists, all the tools I use and more.


Perfect for graduates of Be The Boss

Your essential master guide + support group for using your new WordPress skills to build a successful business that pays the bills — and sponsors your vacays, adventures & dream life.


Woo Boss

Unlocking eCommerce for Serious Web Designers

Finally, a designer-friendly course that unlocks eCommerce sorcery — helping serious web designers build powerful WooCommerce online shops using your fave WP page builder, and sell ‘em for a pretty price tag!

SEO for Designers

High-five 🖐

I’ve been made especially for web design bosses!

Your exclusive roadmap and support system for navigating website SEO to get more eager eyeballs on your genius website(s).


5x videos, templates, cheat sheets & checklists

Create your drool-worthy value-packed website packages priced to earn you some pretty pennies. What to include, how to price them and what to say to make ’em irresistible… it’s all in this bite-sized mini course!

Web Dev Foundations

Yum! I’m a bite-sized mini course

Your helpful educational explainer for setting up your beautiful web design on solid software foundations (with nada tech nonsense). Domains, hosting, emails, WordPress — it’s all covered in this easy-peasy little course.