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Hi lovely!

I’m Emma, the go-to WordPress educator and geeky girl next door for designers ready to evolve into successful web developers.

I’m here to help you unwrap the mysteries, methods and magic of web design so you can build beautiful (and truly brilliant) WordPress websites.

… Y’know, in language you can actually understand, without worrying about coding, web dev jargon, mansplaining and overwhelm!

‘Cause building WordPress websites needn’t be crazily complicated (or make you seamlessly string together impressively intricate chains of cuss words).

Together, let’s save you from the stress, drama and demands of figuring out WordPress and web dev by yourself so you can become the pro your business and clients need & love.

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Build beautiful & brilliant WordPress websites all by yourself with my proven 9-step website-building process. Step-by-step videos, checklists, templates + 6-months of Divi for free!

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my biz

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Perfect for graduates of Be The Boss

The business blueprint for turning your WordPress skills into a successful business that pays for your bills, vacays & dream life. Think: pricing, contracts, hosting, migrations, etc.

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