Learn how to build WordPress websites yourself —  without a developer! 

Hey There Design Legend!

Ready to make money creating beautiful websites all by yourself?

… but, er, feeling a little quivery and knee-knocky ‘cause you feel like you don’t know what the flip you’re doing?

You’re in the right place.

Consider this your official permission slip to dump your developer, shimmy on your epic girl boss pants*, and Become the Boss of Web Development.

No tech skills, stress, or copious amounts of sugar/caffeine/cupcake consumption, required.


Already know you want in on this adventure?

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Let’s be real:

Figuring out how to create websites when you’ve been living it up in graphic designer dreamland is hard. Pass-me-another-muffin-please hard.



The real-life horror film where you watch your beautiful designs get repeatedly butchered (gah!) by careless web designers/developers.


You, practically burning cash, by having to decline the endless stream of web design & development enquiries you’re too terrified to take on. #noobcity


You, burning more cash, by losing new clients and revenue to other designers who somehow, magically, know how to do all the things.


You, staring at a pile of burnt ash, as you hire another unreliable, difficult developer to deal with your web design projects.


Deciding to Do. This. Thing … then sinking into information quicksand as you struggle to navigate the conflicting, contradictory and confusing web development advice online.


You, slathered in digital Vaseline, attempting to mud-wrestle the technical side of web development (Updates! Code! Backups! Domains! Hosting! WordPress! Themes! Wine! Wait…) into submission.


Feeling like the DFA (Developer Fraud Agency) is gonna knock on your door any second now.

It doesn’t have to be this way, love.

Who says graphic designers can’t be epic web developers?

FACT: Every time someone says, “Building websites should be left to web developers”, a unicorn cries and a potentially extraordinary website dies. The world needs your graphic design genius, sweetheart!

What if…


You could confidently create gorgeous websites, from scratch, all by yourself?


From design through to development, you felt like a total pro?


You no longer had to rely on a techy (and pricey) web developer?


It was almost obscenely easy to land your dream web development projects?


You could flood your bank account with cash made from recurring revenue clients and higher-paying projects?

And what if…


You no longer had to waste time on that soul-sucking hamster wheel of constantly searching and selling to new clients?


You didn’t have to wave goodbye to loyal clients because you couldn’t build their website for them?


You could say sayonara to cashflow stress AND regain your freedom from the never-ending hustle?

Well then … it’d be a huge, “Heck yes!” right?
Although I consider myself to be tech savvy, previously the idea of installing WordPress was overwhelming & I had no idea where to even start. But you made it SO EASY!
Brianna Kiely

Graphic Designer

The videos are perfect lengths for me to break up throughout the work week without taking too much time. This is an amazing life-changing opportunity for me.
Dannielle Falls

Graphic & Web Designer

I’m so confident in my process now. Plus I have set prices and they’re higher than ever. I’m more organised and have so much more knowledge of programs and technology to make my worklife easier.
Jessica John

Graphic & Web Designer

Right here, right now, is the perfect time for designers to become website creators.

The planets are aligned and success is in the stars. ✨

Lemme tell you why…

More than ever before businesses now NEED an online presence to survive

COVID-19 has sent the world into an economic shitstorm. But you know who’s businesses ain’t just going to survive but rather THRIVE in this brave new world? Web gurus baby!

Now’s the time to adapt, embrace tech and help our clients get online so they can continue making money + sharing their gifts with the world.

It’s now the easiest it’s ever been to create a website.

With website page builders now as common as crumpets, it means graphic designers (like us!) can build beautiful and functional websites ourselves… without relying on a techy web developer!

The internet has a constantly expanding population.

Every second, a new set of eyeballs explores the interwebs. Websites are in demand! Yet 50% of Australian small businesses1 & 30% of US small businesses2 don’t have a website.
1 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report, 2018.
2 Clutch Small Business Survey, 2017

DIY is all the rage with non-designer business owners.

Totes shooting you a knowing look right now. ‘Cause what we know, and what non-designer business owners are cottoning onto, is that while they can build a website, it’s a whole other Kanye concert making it actually look good.

These conditions offer an awesome opportunity for you to:


> Pivot your design biz so you can thrive in 2020 and beyond

> Help other businesses adapt to this brave new world and continue making money

> Capitalise on your strengths as a design legend!

> Retain more clients and attract more repeat clients by doubling your offerings.

> Dramatically boost your income.

So … Whaddya say? Want to turn those dreams into plans?

Keep scrolling, sweetheart!

A measly 16% of small business owners have a website they’re proud of.3 Far out.

3 2011 poll conducted by ChannelBiz UK

Emma has single-handedly changed my life with her amazing courses. I have wanted to learn web design for so long but did not have the time or funds to go back to study full time — and trying to find all those secret tips and tricks online was near impossible.
Emma has taught me everything I need to know in a simple, calm, easy to follow way.
Stumbling upon her course has been a game changer for me.
— ALANA DEUKETT | wildflowercreative.com.au

What you get

Everything you need to know to build a hot new website for your design biz… and for future clients too!
Access to my 9+ years’ worth of knowledge and experience in the web dev world.
8 modules packed full of exclusive video content designed to upgrade your web dev skills.
A supportive community (private Facebook group) of graphic designers and creative girl bosses sharing this career-changing journey with you.
Worksheets, cheat sheets and resource guides to help you master your new web dev skills.

Module checklists to ensure all your i’s are dotted, t’s crossed and your new website is to a pro standard.

Regular checkins via email & the Facebook group to keep you on track throughout your Be The Boss journey.

Complete access and behind-the-scenes transparency to the success of my own web dev business.
Your own private members-only portal to easily find, store and enjoy your course content.
Awesome Bonuses!

Step-By-Step Tutorials

Learn how to optimise your images for the web so your site is speedy AF and both Google and your site visitors love you

Email Like A Pro

Set up your fancy pants new email address ([email protected]) and start emailing like a pro!

Website Coming Soon Page

Create a Coming Soon page and have your fans eagerly anticipating the launch of your shiny new website

MASTERCLASSES: Divi, Beaver & Elementor

3x in depth masterclasses on the most popular WordPress page builders: Divi, Beaver Builder and Elementor

WordPress Plugin Glossary

Your guide to all my recommended plugins & when to use them

SEO For Dummies Guide

Discover exactly how to get your website found and drive hordes of happy humans to your digital door with a bonus PDF Guide
I’m so grateful I found Emma as a mentor. Emma is so helpful and has given me a tonne of guidance and advice to get me started on my web design journey. She has helped me learn so much about building WordPress websites particularly with the Divi Platform. Emma is full of advice about things I’d never considered before like the importance of creating a child theme for all my websites. I know this small thing is going to save me heaps of time and headaches in the future!

If you’re looking for a mentor to help you with your processes and the technical side of building websites then I can highly recommend Emma.


How it works

Be the Boss of Web Development is an online course. You can complete this bad boy from the comfort of your own home. Pjs optional.

Inside an exclusive members-only area, you’ll be guided through eight modules of easy-to-learn content, including fun worksheets, engaging tutorials and value-loaded videos.

This version of the course is 100% self-paced. So you can work through all the content as quickly as you’d like. No waiting for you love!

When you join you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to all of the course content and the private Facebook group. I’ll check in with you regularly to help you maintain momentum and steadily build up your web development skills.

Easy, huh?

Lifetime Access
100% Online
Weekly Modules

Weekly Prompts

Private FB Group
Awesome Bonuses
Lifetime Access
100% Online
Weekly Modules
Private FB Group

Weekly Prompts

Awesome Bonuses

The price

Your developer destiny is calling. Ready to be the boss?

Get your ticket to ride on the Be the Boss of Web Development adventure!

See prices in your currency →


Flexible Payment Options

AUD 780

or pay it off with a flexible

Payment Plan

Who you’ll be learning from

Hey lovely! 👋

*Clears voice.*

I’m Emma. I’m a graphic designer, mentor for designers and I have a thriving web dev business creating gorgeous WordPress websites. I LOVE tea, wine and Mexican food and am happily distracted by sausage dogs (I have a rescue sausage called Miley!) and shiny things.

But most importantly, I believe honing your web dev super powers is your destiny.


Think about it. As an awesome graphic designer, you totes have the skills to create beautiful and authentic visual experiences. That talent and creativity is there, just waiting to be unleashed!

And if more graphic designers jump aboard the website building bandwagon, can you imagine how insanely beautiful, engaging and entertaining the Internet will be? And if the Internet is a kinder and more loving place, the world will be a kinder and more loving place, and then world peace and unlimited cupcakes for errbody…

You’re practically a superhero, honey.

Now, bridging the gap between graphic design and web development? It can be a long hard road. But that’s what I’m here for and that’s exactly why I built this course.

I’ve spent a near decade learning, making mistakes, building sites, trying new platforms, honing my skills, refining my workflow, figuring out all the ins and outs of building websites.

And honestly, when I was first starting out, I would have fan-girled, HARD, over something like Be the Boss of Web Development.

A course with structure? Someone who understood my unique situation as a graphic designer? A proven way to attract higher-paying jobs and earn more? A community of fellow designers going through the same experience.

Gah. It would have saved me YEARS (and much tears).

But this course didn’t exist, so instead I spent the last eight years learning, experimenting and creating websites.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Cringe. Mistakes I don’t want you to make. Double cringe. But every single mistake was worth it, because I now have a nine-step process that allows me to build epic websites. Reliably. Consistently. Easily.

Now, I’m here to show you exactly how to do the same thing.

Em x



Just like these designers did. Go from zero to web hero in a matter of weeks!


Is Be the Boss of Web Development right for you?

Are you…


Longing for a fancy, captivating new website for your design biz?


A graphic designer ready to offer quality web design and development services to your clients?


A design genius… but can’t code your way out of a cardboard box?


Project managing web dev services for your clients but wanna say adiós to your developer and do it yourself instead?


Bored to tears wading through all the conflicting advice online and just want to learn from a pro that gets you, your unique situation and the struggles that designers face when learning to create websites?


A designer who wants to build beautifully-designed websites she can sell for a pretty penny?


A designer that currently builds websites in Wix, Squarespace or another platform, but you want to learn how to use WordPress?

If you answered, “Yes”, “Yep” or “HELL YES” to any of the above, then, love, you’re going to LOVE Be the Boss of Web Development.

You’ll probably want to click away if


You’re not a graphic designer.


You’re already creating WordPress websites you love and can’t imagine a world where your process could possibly be improved.

If this is you, then don’t worry I still adore you. But the Be the Boss of Web Development eCourse probably isn’t the right course for you.

The adventure

You’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to all this juicy content…

Pre-Work: The Goals

Ground your site in strategy and set it up for success by identifying your ideal client and website goals.  

  • Ensure your website connects with your ideal client by unearthing their goals, needs and inner desires.
  • Learn the secret to creating a website that is completely on brand.
  • Define the editor’s goals and identify which sections need to be interactive and easily editable.

Module 1: The Goods

Gather the goods needed to create a website that is pretty… and pretty darn successful. 

  • Create a site that’s easy to navigate and know exactly what pages you need to create to launch your site by building your sitemap.
  • Get SEO savvy and learn one surefire way to get your site seen, found and adored by Google and other search engines.
  • Cement your positive web experience with tips and resources on writing personality-driven and SEO focussed copy that connects with your ideal client.

Module 2: The Style

Ensure your website is beautiful, unique and authentically on brand by defining your site’s style.

  • Master the art of print vs. web design (CMYK vs RGB, print vs web resolution, responsive web design and all that scary-sounding stuff). Don’t worry, it’ll be a cinch. Pinky swear.
  • Become a colour whiz generating web-safe colour palettes that look beautiful on screen.
  • Build your little black book of premium and free website images to ensure your designs are always engaging, memorable and oh so stunning.


BONUS: Learn how to optimise your images for the web so your website is speedy AF and both Google and your website visitors love you. 

Module 3: The Foundations

The zero-stress way to give your beautiful design some techy brains by (easily!) building a solid software foundation for your site. 

  • Learn about domains, hosting & WordPress and how they all work together to create dreamy sites.
  • WordPress.com or WordPress.org? WT? Learn the difference between these two bad boys and avoid making this mistake many graphic designers do.
  • Set up your domain, hosting and install WordPress. Woot woot! It’ll be easy as pie.

BONUS: Set up your new email address ([email protected]) and start emailing like a pro!

Module 4: The Tools

Upgrade your web dev knowledge and skills by setting up the basics of your WordPress site.

  • Get acquainted with WordPress and learn the basics of your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Learn about and install your first plugin (yay!)
  • Ensure all your hard work is safe by setting up reliable daily backups for your site.

BONUS: Create a Coming Soon page and have your fans eagerly anticipating the launch of your fancy pants new website.

Module 5: The Secret Weapon

Unleash the power of the web dev secret weapon every designer should have in their toolkit. 


  • Become WordPress literate with lessons on themes, page builders, and child themes.
  • Get the party started by installing your chosen theme and child theme.
  • Get familiar with your chosen page builder and start creating your first page. (You’ll feel like a total web geek by this stage!)

Module 6: The Build

Turn your vision into the beginnings of a website you’ll love by building your homepage. 


  • Make your website easy to navigate by setting up your website’s main menu.
  • Customise your site and make it your own by configuring your theme options and theme customiser settings.
  • Select your favourite page layout or design your layout from scratch using my no-fuss way to create conversion-optimised wireframes.
  • Build your homepage. Whoop whoop!

Module 7: The Fitout

Crack your creative knuckles and have fun fitting out your website with your juicy copywriting, images and interactive content.

  • Create a library of sections and website elements you can reuse throughout your site, saving you a bucketload of time!
  • Flesh out your site by creating and adding content to all your internal pages.
  • Set the foundations for sales success by creating website enquiry & opt-in forms.


Module 8: The Tune-Up

Phew – the hard work is done! Now it’s time to tidy up your website and ensure it’s speedy, secure and backed up.


  • Work through my pre-flight checklist to ensure you’ve got everything ready to roll before you launch.
  • Step into your web dev pro shoes by learning about web maintenance best practices including security, backups and software updates.

PLUS: Discover exactly how to get your website found and drive hordes of happy humans to your digital door.

Working with Emma was honestly my best move when starting out in web design.

She helped me with everything from briefs to proposals to understanding all that technical website stuff like hosting, WordPress & handling ongoing web maintenance for clients.

Emma was always so open to share her knowledge, her price lists and the inside scoop on how she handles things in her web business. I can’t count how many email templates, brief forms and checklists she graciously allowed me to ‘steal’ from her.

I can’t even put a price on how valuable the experience was. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Emma.

If you have a talent for design but need some help taking your web skills and freelance biz to the next level, Emma’s the gal for you!



By the end of Be the Boss of Web Development…

you’ll have:


The EXACT knowledge, information and resources you need to navigate the web dev world and handle web development for you and your clients.


The confidence you can kick butt and create awesome websites that your clients will love.


Booted imposter syndrome and feel capable as a web designer and website creator.


The tools you need to win higher-paying projects from new and existing clients.


An incredible support group to lean on and learn from as you navigate your new destiny as a web developer.


Upgraded your skills, levelled-up and invested in yourself, your biz and your success!

I’m not even half way through the course content yet and I already have my first web design client 🙌Woop Woop!
Jessica Gruszka

Graphic & Web Designer

I loved the the extra tricks in this module — things I possibly would have taken YEARS to figure out on my own!
Lisa Reuben

Graphic & Web Designer

I’m loving everything so far… Thanks Emma, you are really making this journey so comforting and non scary.
Dannielle Falls

Graphic Designer

Be The Boss


Your developer destiny is calling. Ready to be the boss?

Get your ticket to ride on the Be the Boss of Web Development adventure!

The price

Your developer destiny is calling. Ready to be the boss?

Get your ticket to ride on the Be the Boss of Web Development adventure!

See prices in your currency →


Flexible Payment Options

AUD 780

or pay it off with a flexible

Payment Plan

Something on your mind, sugar?

Feeling like you won’t have time?

We all need more hours in the day. I get it! To have your new website up and running within a couple of months, you only need to put aside on average about 2 to 3 hours a week. If life gets in the way, don’t worry. You’ll have lifetime access! So you can jump back in and pick up from where you left off when it suits you.


Suck at technology? Perhaps you tried this whole website game before and you think it’s too flippin’ hard?

That’s what I’m here for love! In this course I cut the crap. I teach you what you need to know in plain english. Any web geek jargon or more complex things will be explained to you from one designer to another. You’ll have me as well as an entire group of new designer BFFs to lean on and ask questions throughout the Be The Boss adventure, and beyond.


Love the sound of this course but you can’t afford it right now?

Cashflow’s a b*tch! Especially for freelancers. Perhaps the payment plan option might be just your cup of tea. You can secure your spot in the course for less than 100 bucks and pay the rest off over the next 2 months.

Plus the website you’re going to build will be worth at least 3x the price of this course and the skills will be an invaluable asset to your design biz. Your future self will thank you.


Have a different question?

Let’s see if I can help…


Based on what I learn in this course, how much could I charge for websites?
Once you’ve completed this course and feel confident with the teachings I would recommend designers charge a minimum of AUD 2,000 for a site. Then depending on the size of the site and inclusions you could easily charge upwards of AUD 4,000.

You can also easily start earning recurring revenue from website maintenance, hosting and updates to your clients sites. Bye bye cashflow stress!

How long does the course go for?

This version of the course is self-paced so you can complete it as quickly as you’d like or take your time. As a guide, when I take a group of students through the course together it takes about 2 months to complete.

When does the course start?

You’ll get instant access to the ALL of the course content as well as the the private Facebook group. So you can get started in a matter of minutes!

You’ll also have lifetime access to the course. So you can jump back into the learning portal and work through the lessons again whenever you like.


How is the course delivered? What learning resources will I receive?

Upon purchase, the entire course is made available to you in the members-only learning portal. Each module contains pre-recorded videos with accompanying worksheets, resource guides and checklists for you to work through.

You’ll receive weekly prompts to keep you on track and if you have any questions you can connect with myself (Emma Kate) as well as other mentors and past students in the private Facebook group. Simply tag me in your post and I will respond with help as soon as I can.

If there’s ever anything you’d rather keep private you can also email me for support.

On top of this, you are welcome to join in on any future group rounds of the course, including attending group coaching calls and masterclasses. You have lifetime access so you can take the entire course again or just refresh certain modules whenever you like.


How long are enrolments open for?

Enrolments will be open for a limited time only.

Will there be any additional costs to building my website?

Yes there will be some additional costs.

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to create your website however some third-party applications and services are still required to create any website.

Here are approximate prices for some things you will need to create your website:

  • Domain i.e. yourbiz.com: $30 per year
  • Website hosting: $100–200 per year

I also recommend purchasing a premium WordPress theme and/or Page Builder for approx. $100 per year. But there are some good free themes and page builders you can use if you’d like.

You also might choose to purchase these optional extras for your website:

  • Professionally written website copywriting and website legal pages (i.e. Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, etc.)
  • Professional photography

You will need to purchase these directly from your chosen providers. Don’t worry, throughout the course I will give you guidance on what to look for as well as links to my go-to providers. You are free to choose whomever you wish and I will not receive any money from my recommendations unless you use an affiliate links when purchasing.

I'm not a graphic designer. Can I still do this course?
This course doesn’t teach you how to design. So even though the web dev skills you pick up would be useful, if you don’t have an eye for design you may find you still need to outsource part or all of the design side of your project.

As a non-designer, you also won’t qualify for a refund even if you do all the work.

Do you guarantee I'll get results?
The result you gain from this course will vary depending on your timeframe, how much work you’re willing to put in and what you want to achieve. I can’t guarantee your results… only you can do that sugar.

But, I do guarantee that you’ll love what you learn in the Be The Boss of Web Development eCourse. So, if by the end of the course you’re not satisfied with the content of the course you can request a refund. See “Do you offer refunds?” for details.

Do you offer refunds?

I’ve poured my heart and soul into the Be The Boss of Web Development eCourse and I truly believe in the value it provides. I’m certain you’ll find it super valuable, but just in case you don’t, I offer a satisfaction guarantee. You can work through the entire course and if you are not completely happy, I will refund your enrolment cost (less a 15% admin fee to cover administration costs).

I know the knowledge and skills you’ll learn from this course will, if followed and actioned, offer you an amazing return on investment. As long as you’re committed to put in the work, keep up with the course and participate in the Facebook group, I know you’ll get so much value out of the Be The Boss of Web Development adventure.

Refunds must be requested in writing to [email protected] within 90 of purchase to be eligible. You will just have to show me that you did the work, completed the worksheets, etc. reached out when you had concerns and/or questions, etc.

Please note: ‘change of mind’ refunds are not permitted at any stage.

Why do you use WordPress and not Squarespace or Wix?
There’s no denying that Squarespace and Wix make it easy for newbies to create websites out of the box. However there are some longterm downfalls to using platforms like these when compared with WordPress.

WordPress is a platform that provides you with limitless possibilities as to what you can do and where you can take your website. You can start out small with a simple portfolio website and eventually turn it into an online shop, membership site or even an online learning platform like I’ve done with this very site!

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world, powering an incredible 25% of the world’s websites. It’s also the best possible starting point for SEO (getting found on search engines like Google) with SEO Melbourne recently stating: “WordPress is recommended by digital marketers as the gold standard when it comes to optimising your website for SEO.”

I only ever want to recommend the best possible solution and for the majority of businesses I believe WordPress is just that.


* My girl boss pants are sparkly spandex. Just sayin’. I told you I like shiny things!