My Website Process: Speaking at WordCamp Brisbane

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My Website Process Speaking at WordCamp Brisbane

This was one of the biggest challenges in my design career to date…

Standing up at WordCamp Brisbane…

as a graphic designer…

in front of a huge crowd including a bunch of hardcore web developers (Eeek!) 😬

and delivering a presentation on my 9-step website process.

As you can expect, this was more than a little nerve-racking. Many MANY fears reared their creepy hairy heads.

Could what I have to share really be of value to this crowd?

Do I have what it takes as a graphic designer to have a relevant and useful perspective on creating websites?

Do graphic designers have any place creating websites? 

The answer… HELLS YEAH!

I stood there for 30 minutes and put myself — and the ins and outs of my website process — out there. And all with minimal knee-knocking! Phew!

When I finished, I got a huge round of applause, loads of questions and designers coming up to me saying how much they loved my approach and the info I shared. 🤩

A bunch of people also joined my mailing list, Facebook Group and contacted me about mentoring.

It was a rush! I LOVED IT. I loved sharing what I’ve learned, connecting with other designers and WordPress lovers and genuinely helping people create better websites.

I learned that as graphic designers we have unique skills that make us a lethal combo for building websites! 💪

It was a whole lot of fun!

And it was filmed. 📹

You can watch the video of my presentation below 👇

I really hope me sharing my process gives you the confidence to create rockstar websites too!

Here’s to us designers making the web a more beautiful place — one website at a time 

Em x

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