How to Plan for Your Next Launch Without All the Stress

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I’m honoured to invite one of our awesome Designer Boss Summit speakers (and sponsors) to share her wisdom with y’all. For those who caught Liz’s brilliant presentation at the summit earlier this year, you’ll know she’s an expert in all things business systems & delegating. In this post, she shares her expert inside tips for planning your next launch without losing your marbles. Enjoy! — Em x


How to Plan for Your Next Launch Without All the Stress

by Liz Illg from Liz Illg Consulting


Does the thought of planning your next launch feel overwhelming? From ideation to completion, launches can be a scary topic for entrepreneurs. How are you supposed to plan and execute a launch when you’re already a busy business owner?

Get ready for your next launch with a system that’s going to help you set goals and ditch the stress that comes with launching.


Set SMART Goals for Your Launch

An impactful launch always starts with effective goal-setting. It’s crucial to your launch success that when you’re rolling out a new product, service, or offering that you set specific goals that you can measure for your desired outcomes.

Setting goals provides you with the guidance you need to target your efforts, measure the outcomes, and plan for the future. SMART goals are ones that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound.

When thinking of your SMART goals for your launch, get specific. Ask yourself:

  • What am I wanting to accomplish, and why?
  • How will I accomplish this goal? How can I measure my accomplishment?
  • When will I know when I’ve hit my target?

You are the industry expert, you know what your clients need and what they value. When it comes to your launch goals, are they attainable in your market or industry? Launches must be strategic to work. While you may have tons of great ideas, it has to be the right time and place for your launch for maximum results.

Give yourself a reasonable timeframe and set a strict deadline. Compile the resources you already have and map out the tools you’ll need to make your launch successful and with your inventory, pick that goal date, share it with your team, and plan for it.

Regularly check in with your goals and make sure that your efforts are in alignment with your business foundations and values and that it satisfies your client needs.

Liz Illg working at her standup desk

Plan Your Launch Details with Your Team

Getting all hands on deck for your launch is going to ensure that you and your team are all on the same page when you start the prep work. It’ll be crucial to the success of your launch that you all understand the goals so you can accurately create a game plan and delegate effectively.

Create your marketing plan and include the people on your team who can help you get your message to your client base, create a sense of excitement and urgency for your client to participate in your launch, and invite others to participate in your new launch.

You can incorporate launch marketing like creating an exciting landing page or waitlist, teasing your launch on social media, or hosting a free webinar or live training to attract new audiences.

When planning for your launch, it’s important to know that you don’t have to do everything alone. You can delegate items on your launch gameplan to-do list to your team members. Whether it’s connecting with clients to attract new audiences, monitoring the marketing efforts, or measuring how close you are to completing your goal, make sure to tag in your support team on this big launch.


Launches Are Business Boosters

Launches, when done correctly, can be so positively impactful for your business. A new product can grow your audience, grow your sales, and grow your overall business. While there’s a lot of work that goes into launches, they don’t have to be scary.

If you set your goals, plan accurately, and tag in your support team, your launches will be epic!

If you need help planning for your next launch or need a support team for your next big business idea, your squad is never too far away. Visit our website, if you’re ready to plan for your next big launch in 2021!

About the author

Liz Illg is a multi-industry entrepreneur with brick-and-mortar businesses and several online businesses including her own consulting business and boutique marketing agency. When business owners continually asked Liz for help in their own businesses after Liz grew hers so quickly, Liz Illg Consulting was born.

Liz Illg Consulting provides ideation, strategy, implementation, and project management services to brands that want to launch a new idea and scale their profit. Liz empowers business owners to be visionaries in their businesses and helps them prioritize their innovation.