So you’re ready to become a web dev queen?


But you’re…

> unsure how to create websites you’ll be proud of?

> overwhelmed by all the contradicting advice online?

> confused about what to include & charge?

I hear ya!

Squarespace, WordPress, CSS — it’s enough to make your head spin.

Not to mention hosting, SSL and SEO. No thanks.

It sounds daunting. I know, I’ve been there.

But creating epic websites is easier than you think.

I’m here to give you the clarity & structure you crave.

So you can take your design career to the next level making money creating powerful and oh-so-pretty websites your clients will love.

Who says graphic designers can’t be epic web developers?

FACT: Every time someone says, “Building websites should be left to web developers”, a unicorn cries and a potentially extraordinary website dies. The world needs your graphic design genius, sweetheart!

What if…


You could confidently create gorgeous websites, from scratch, all by yourself?


From design through to development, you felt like a total pro?


You no longer had to rely on a techy (and pricey) web developer?


It was almost obscenely easy to land your dream web development projects?


You could flood your bank account with cash made from recurring revenue and higher-paying projects?


You had a structure that ensured all your websites were the cream of the crop, implementing the latest website best practices.


You had a super tight process to build websites quickly and easily that your clients rave about?


You could confidently sell website packages at a premium price tag?

And what if…


You no longer had to waste time on that soul-sucking hamster wheel of constantly searching and selling to new clients?


You didn’t have to wave goodbye to loyal clients because you couldn’t build their website for them?


You could say sayonara to cashflow stress AND regain your freedom from the never-ending hustle?

Well then … it’d be a huge, “Heck yes!” right?

Right here, right now, is the perfect time for designers to become website creators.

The moons are aligned and success is in the stars.

Lemme tell you why…

The internet has a constantly expanding population.

Every second, a new set of eyeballs explores the interwebs. Websites are in demand! Yet 50% of Australian small businesses1 & 30% of US small businesses2 don’t have a website.

1 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report, 2018.
2 Clutch Small Business Survey, 2017

It’s now the easiest it’s ever been to create a website.

With website page builders now as common as crumpets, it means graphic designers (like us!) can build beautiful and functional websites ourselves… without relying on a techy web developer!

DIY is all the rage with non-designer business owners.

Totes shooting you a knowing look right now. ‘Cause what we know, and what non-designer business owners are cottoning onto, is that while they can build a website, it’s a whole other Kanye concert making it actually look good.

These conditions offer an awesome opportunity for you to:


> Capitalise on your strengths as a design legend!

> Retain more clients and attract more repeat clients by doubling your offerings.

> Dramatically boost your income.

So … Whaddya say? Want to turn those dreams into plans?

Emma has been a tremendous support to me! She guided me with love through those tricky first years, giving me confidence in my skills and processes.

Years later, I know the success of my web design business I owe partly to Emma’s incredible support, especially in those early days. If you’re looking for a wonderful, supportive, intelligent, caring, successful mentor who gets what being a graphic designer is all about, and will help you realise your true potential — Emma is the perfect fit! Get ready to take on the world!


Ways we can work together

Every designer I work with is unique. We don’t fit in a box dammit! That’s why I offer three different ways we can work together, so you’ll find one that suits you to a T regardless of what stage you’re at in your design biz and web dev journey.

See prices in your currency →

Mentoring SESSIONS

From AU$129

30 min or 60 min one-off video mentoring sessions where you can pick my brain, get the clarity you crave (aha!) and actionable steps to implement right away.

mentoring package


4x 60min fortnightly video mentoring sessions. Ongoing email support throughout. Your action plan created & completed in 8 weeks! Complete transparency and invaluable insights into my successful website business.

Affordable payment plan option available.

BONUS 30 min followup session a month later to keep you on track.

Be the boss Ecourse


2 month group eCourse with other designers learning how to build awesome WordPress websites from start to finish.

Affordable payment plan option available.

Get on the waitlist for the next intake starting soon.

I’m so grateful I found Emma as a mentor. Emma is so helpful and has given me a tonne of guidance and advice to get me started on my web design journey. She has helped me learn so much about building WordPress websites particularly with the Divi Platform. Emma is full of advice about things I’d never considered before like the importance of creating a child theme for all my websites. I know this small thing is going to save me heaps of time and headaches in the future!

If you’re looking for a mentor to help you with your processes and the technical side of building websites then I can highly recommend Emma.


Who the flip’s this Emma chick?

Hey lovely! 👋

*Clears voice.*

I’m Emma. I’m a graphic designer, mentor for designers and I have a thriving web dev business creating gorgeous WordPress websites. I LOVE tea, wine and Mexican food and am happily distracted by sausage dogs (I have a rescue sausage called Miley!) and shiny things.

When I first started in web design I had high hopes of creating stunning websites that not only looked amazeballs but also achieved great results for my clients. (Ya know good for SEO and all that boring stuff.)

Trying to do it all myself, I wasted countless hours Googling, researching and trialling different platforms, and at times failing miserably.

Fast forward to today… I’m now a highly sort after website creator with almost 100 responsive, easy-to-edit, stunning WordPress websites under my belt.

But most importantly, I believe honing your web dev super powers is your destiny too.


Think about it. As an awesome graphic designer, you totes have the skills to create beautiful and authentic visual experiences. That talent and creativity is there, just waiting to be unleashed!

And if more graphic designers jump aboard the website building bandwagon, can you imagine how insanely beautiful, engaging and entertaining the Internet will be? And if the Internet is a kinder and more loving place, the world will be a kinder and more loving place, and then world peace and unlimited cupcakes for errbody…

You’re practically a superhero, honey.

Now, bridging the gap between graphic design and web development? It can be a long hard road. But that’s what I’m here for and that’s exactly why I love mentoring designers just like you.

I’ve spent a near decade learning, making mistakes, building sites, trying new platforms, honing my skills, refining my workflow, figuring out all the ins and outs of building websites.

And honestly, when I was first starting out, I would have fan-girled, HARD, over a webby unicorn who could hand me their web dev systems, processes & structure on a silver platter.

Someone who understood my unique situation as a graphic designer? A proven way to attract higher-paying jobs and earn more?

Gah. It would have saved me YEARS (and much tears).

But said unicorn was never to be found, so instead I spent the last decade learning, experimenting and creating websites.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Cringe. Mistakes I don’t want you to make. Double cringe. But every single mistake was worth it, because I now have a nine-step process that allows me to build beautiful and functional websites. Reliably. Consistently. Easily.

Want to know how I do it?

Keen to learn my process of going from zero to website in a matter of weeks?

It isn’t rocket science. I promise.

All you need to know is which tools to use and how they all work together.

I’m here to show you exactly how to do it.

Working with Emma was honestly my best move when starting out in web design.

She helped me with everything from briefs to proposals to understanding all that technical website stuff like hosting, WordPress & handling ongoing web maintenance for clients.

Emma was always so open to share her knowledge, her price lists and the inside scoop on how she handles things in her web business. I can’t count how many email templates, brief forms and checklists she graciously allowed me to ‘steal’ from her.

I can’t even put a price on how valuable the experience was. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Emma.

If you have a talent for design but need some help taking your web skills and freelance biz to the next level, Emma’s the gal for you!


Apply for your FREE 15 minute Discovery Call

You’ll discover:

  • What you’re doing well — to keep focussing on
  • Any mistakes you’re making — to stop wasting time and moolah
  • New tools to dramatically improve your workflow — saving you hours each week
  • Guidance on how to move forward — so you know exactly what to do next

A measly 16% of small business owners have a website they’re proud of.3 Far out. Let’s change that stat honey!


3 2011 poll conducted by ChannelBiz UK