Web Dev Foundations

 Mini Course for Graphic Designers 

Your complete easy to follow step-by-step guide to setting up your website foundations like a total pro!




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What you get

Everything you need to know to set up your beautiful web design on solid software foundations.

Access to my 9+ years’ worth of knowledge and experience in the web dev world PLUS 1 month of email support from me.

7 lessons of exclusive video content designed to upgrade your web dev skills & set your site up for success!

Worksheets, cheat sheets, checklists & resource guides to help you master your new web dev skills.

Complete access and behind-the-scenes transparency to the success of my own web dev business.

Your own private members-only portal to easily find, store and enjoy your course content.

Bonus Lesson

A bonus lesson on how to create a gorgeous Coming Soon page and have your fans eagerly anticipating the launch of your fancy pants new website.

PLUS my sneaky* SEO strategy to get your site ranking on Google way faster!

*Don’t worry, only legit white hat SEO tactics here!

Want to create a beautiful & powerful website for your design biz?

And take charge of web dev projects for your clients, feeling like a total pro from start to finish?

… but, er, feeling a little nervous and knee-knocky ‘cause you don’t know what the flip you’re doing?

You’re in the right place.

This is where all your dreams of rockin’ it as a graphic designer with some mad web dev skills start.

No tech skills, stress, or copious amounts of sugar/caffeine/cupcake consumption, required. 

🤓 🧁 🤯 ☕️ 👈 🙅🏻‍♀️

Pinky promise.

This course builds on what I’ve learned in my near decade of freelancing as a graphic designer and creating stunning & powerful websites for my clients.

It’s packed full of knowledge, tips, checklists, cheat sheets, guides and Gandalf-sized bites of wisdom I wish I had known when I was sitting where you are right now.

This course typically sits inside my BE THE BOSS OF WEB DEVELOPMENT eCourse.

But I wanted to give you the chance to get your lovely lil hands on it right now.

The adventure

Join me as I show you the zero-stress way to give your beautiful web design some techy brains by (easily!) building a solid software foundation for your site.

  • Learn about domains, hosting & WordPress and how they all work together to create dreamy sites.
  • WordPress.com or WordPress.org? WT? Learn the difference between these two bad boys and avoid making the same mistake as many graphic designers.
  • Buy your domain name and invest in website hosting.
  • Install WordPress on your new domain. Whoot whoot! It’ll be easy as pie.
  • Upgrade your web dev knowledge learning WordPress, plugins PLUS setting up your very first plugins.
  • Set up your professional [email protected] email address.

BONUS! Create a Coming Soon page and have your fans eagerly anticipating the launch of your fancy pants new website. PLUS my sneaky* SEO strategy to get your site ranking on Google way faster! 

*Don’t worry, only legit white hat SEO tactics here!

Learning these foundations was the start of creating my booming website business.

Now it’s your turn!

Your developer destiny is calling. Ready to take your design biz to the next level?

Get your ticket to ride on the Web Dev Foundations adventure!

Emma has been a tremendous support to me! She guided me with love through those tricky first years, giving me confidence in my skills and processes.

Almost ten years later, I know the success of my web design business I owe partly to Emma’s incredible support, especially in those early days. If you’re looking for a wonderful, supportive, intelligent, caring, successful mentor who gets what being a graphic designer is all about, and will help you realise your true potential — Emma is the perfect fit! Get ready to take on the world!



How it works

Web Dev Foundations is an online course (Yay! No travelling!) that you can complete from the comfort of your own home. Pjs optional.

Inside an exclusive members-only area, you’ll be guided through 7 lessons of easy-to-learn content, including fun worksheets, engaging tutorials and value-loaded videos. Oh and a bonus lesson! Whoop whoop!

You will also have 1 month of unlimited access to me via email where I can help answer your questions and troubleshoot any challenges you’re facing.

Easy, huh?

Who you’ll be learning from

Hey lovely! 👋

*Clears voice.*

I’m Emma. I’m a graphic designer, mentor for designers and I have a thriving web dev business creating gorgeous WordPress websites. I LOVE tea, wine and Mexican food and am happily distracted by sausage dogs (I have a rescue sausage called Miley!) and shiny things.

But most importantly, I believe honing your web dev super powers is your destiny.


Think about it. As an awesome graphic designer, you totes have the skills to create beautiful and authentic visual experiences. That talent and creativity is there, just waiting to be unleashed!

And if more graphic designers jump aboard the website building bandwagon, can you imagine how insanely beautiful, engaging and entertaining the Internet will be? And if the Internet is a kinder and more loving place, the world will be a kinder and more loving place, and then world peace and unlimited cupcakes for errbody…

You’re practically a superhero, honey.

Now, bridging the gap between graphic design and web development? It can be a long hard road. But that’s what I’m here for and that’s exactly why I’m here!

I’ve spent a near decade learning, making mistakes, building sites, trying new platforms, honing my skills, refining my workflow, figuring out all the ins and outs of building websites.

And honestly, when I was first starting out, I would have fan-girled, HARD, over something like Web Dev Foundations.

A course with structure? With easy-to-follow lessons without all the jargon and over-the-top techy things I really didn’t need to know. Someone who understood my unique situation as a graphic designer? 

Gah. It would have saved me YEARS (and much tears).

But courses like this didn’t exist, so instead I spent the last eight years learning, experimenting and creating websites.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Cringe. Mistakes I don’t want you to make. Double cringe. But every single mistake was worth it, because I now have tight AF process that allows me to build beautiful and functional websites. Reliably. Consistently. Easily.

Now, I’m here to show you my inside secrets so you can doing the same thing.

By the end of Web Dev Foundations…

you’ll have:


The knowledge, information and resources you need to start navigating the web dev world like a pro.


Chosen and purchased the perfect domain name & extension for your brand.


Found and purchased website hosting with all the features you need, and none of the costly features you don't!


Learnt the difference between WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress and avoided making the same mistake SO many designers make!


Installed self-hosted WordPress on your new web hosting.


Become WordPress savvy with an overview of the WP dashboard and a lesson guiding you through installing your very first plugin.


Your professional email address(es) set up.


Fans eagerly anticipating the launch of your shiny new website with a gorgeous Coming Soon page.


Upgraded your skills, levelled-up and invested in yourself, your biz and your success!

Working with Emma was honestly my best move when starting out in web design.

She helped me with everything from briefs to proposals to understanding all that technical website stuff like hosting, WordPress & handling ongoing web maintenance for clients.

Emma was always so open to share her knowledge, her price lists and the inside scoop on how she handles things in her web business. I can’t count how many email templates, brief forms and checklists she graciously allowed me to ‘steal’ from her.

I can’t even put a price on how valuable the experience was. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Emma.

If you have a talent for design but need some help taking your web skills and freelance biz to the next level, Emma’s the gal for you!



Web Dev Foundations

 Mini Course for Graphic Designers 

Your complete easy to follow step-by-step guide to setting up your website foundations like a total pro!




Web Hosting




WordPress Website


Coming Soon Page

Something on your mind, sugar?

Feeling like you won’t have time?

Don’t worry, you’ll have lifetime access to the course content. So you can jump back in and pick up from where you left off when it suits you.


Suck at technology? Perhaps you tried this whole website game before and you think it’s too flippin’ hard?

That’s what I’m here for love! In this course I cut the crap. I teach you what you need to know in plain English. Any web geek jargon or more complex things will be explained to you from one designer to another. 


Have a different question?

Let’s see if I can help…


How long does the course go for?

The course usually sits inside my Be The Boss of Web Development eCourse and is designed to be completed with 1 week. However, you’ll have instant access to all the course content so you can start right away. You’ll also have lifetime access so you can jump back into the members-portal and rewatch the lessons any time.

When does the course start?

Upon purchase, you’ll get INSTANT access to the entire course content including videos, downloads, everything. Whoot whoot!

How is the course delivered? What learning resources will I receive?

The course contains pre-recorded videos with accompanying worksheets, cheat sheets, checklists and resource guides for you to work through.

You will also have 1 month of unlimited email support from me to answer any of those tricky WTF questions that may come up.

Will there be any additional costs to building my website?

Yes there will be some additional costs. 

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to set up your website however some third-party applications and services are still required to create any website.

Here are approximate prices for some things you will need to complete this course:

  • Domain i.e. yourbiz.com: $40 per year
  • Website hosting: $100–200 per year

You also might choose to purchase these extras I recommend for your website:

  • Automated daily website backups from $2 per month
  • Professional email hosting with G Suite from $6 per month

You will need to purchase these directly from your chosen providers. Don’t worry, throughout the course I will give you guidance on what to look for as well as links to my go-to providers. You are free to choose whomever you wish and I will not receive any money from my recommendations unless you use an affiliate link when purchasing.

I'm not a graphic designer. Can I still do this course?

This course doesn’t teach you how to design. So even though the web dev skills you pick up would be useful, if you don’t have an eye for design you may find you still need to outsource part or all of the design side of your project.

As a non-designer, you also won’t qualify for a refund even if you do all the work.

Do you guarantee I'll get results?

The result you gain from this course will vary depending on your timeframe, how much work you’re willing to put in and what you want to achieve. I can’t guarantee your results… only you can do that sugar.

But, I do guarantee that you’ll love what you learn in the Web Dev Foundations eCourse. So, if by the end of the course you’re not satisfied with the content of the course you can request a refund. See “Do you offer refunds?” for details.

Do you offer refunds?

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this eCourse and I truly believe in the value it provides. I’m certain you’ll find it super valuable, but just in case you don’t I offer a satisfaction guarantee. You can work through the entire course and if you are not completely happy, I will refund your enrolment cost (less a 15% admin fee to cover administration costs).

I know the knowledge and skills you’ll learn from this course will, if followed and actioned, offer you an amazing return on investment. As long as you’re committed to put in the work, I know you’ll get so much value out of the adventure.

Refunds must be requested in writing to [email protected] within 40 days of the purchase date to be eligible. You will just have to show me that you did the work and followed my recommendations.

Please note: ‘change of mind’ refunds are not permitted at any stage. 

Why do you use WordPress and not Squarespace or Wix?

There’s no denying that Squarespace and Wix make it easy for newbies to create websites out of the box. However there are some longterm downfalls to using platforms like these when compared with WordPress.

WordPress is a platform that provides you with limitless possibilities as to what you can do and where you can take your website. You can start out small with a simple portfolio website and eventually turn it into an online shop, membership site or even an online learning platform like I’ve done with this very site! 

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world, powering an incredible 25% of the world’s websites. It’s also the best possible starting point for SEO (getting found on search engines like Google) with SEO Melbourne recently stating: “WordPress is recommended by digital marketers as the gold standard when it comes to optimising your website for SEO.”

I only ever want to recommend that best possible solution and for the majority of businesses I believe WordPress is just that.